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Eye s Wide Shut Party

Eye's Wide Shut Party!
July 20, 2013 Aahz’s 8th Anniversary of its Eyes Wide Shut Party hosted at Caliente Resort in Tampa, Fl

The weather heats up at Caliente as we throw one of Aahz’s Biggest and Sexiest parties of the year with Aahz's 8th Annual Eyes Wide Shut Party hosted at Caliente Fiesta Nightclub...

On July 20st, Don't shut your eyes till you get inside the club or you might Miss It All!
The resort is guaranteed to be packed full of sexy couples all weekend so get there early!
Party starts at 9pm!

Check in early and hang with us Friday if you want to get the party off early.

For outfits like the ones in the ad you would like to purchase just click the links below and you will see a ton of different styles for you to choose from or ideas on them & good shopping.

Saturday Day:
We will spend the afternoon at the resorts Main Building for Nude Sun Tanning and Swimming.
Aahz's after party are set up for you to go and play at.. So bring your boy toy or sexy play girl and get it on.

Saturday Night:
Eye's Wide Shut Party!
Party starts at 9pm and goes to 1am with an after party at one of Caliente's lush Villa's.
Aahz's after party are set up for you to go and play at.. So bring your boy toy or sexy play girl and get it on.

At the Aahz Party everything begins with the fantasy, followed by Desire & Seductions.
Then you turn your Fantasy into a Reality.

Call Caliente direct to reserve your rooms NOW!
Caliente Resorts
21240 Gran Via Blvd
Land O Lakes, FL 34637-3287, US
813.996.3700 or toll free 800.326.7731
For directions to Caliente Resort please visit their site!

July 20, 2013 promotional code is "AZJL13" ) 10% OFF your hotel rooms or villas at Caliente for this party!

Remember Ladies we encourage you to dress in theme!
**Dressing in theme is not a requirement to attend**
Men, Dress to impress and yes DRESS JEANS are ALLOWED!
(Please NO Ripped Blue Jeans, Shorts or Sandals)

Are you part of the Aahz Party group?
This only you can know..
1. Are you in the lifestyle. Meaning a swinger. Then your in that group.
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Remember, What happens at the Aahz Party stays at the Aahz Party,

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all there,
Peter along with our co-host Eric & Rachel of CUTEFDNY with many more other sexy host that help and attend
the Tampa Aahz Events...