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Toga Party Weekend Bash

Silver Couples presents First Annual
Toga Party Weekend Bash
When in Rome do as the Romans Do, Party, Party, Party! 
Saturday, June 25, 2016 Hosted at Caliente Resorts in Tampa, Fl!

Silver Couples FIRST Annual Toga Party. We will feature this party once a year and make them bigger and better with every year to come. So get those toga's out and ready to party like the Romans do. To the Excessive. Wine Food and women..

The Silver Couples Parties weekends always starts on a Friday at 5pm in the sports bar for Our Happy Hour and ends Sunday afternoon somewhere in the pool naked with a bloody Mary!

If you missed the first Silver Couples Weekend bashes at Caliente resorts in Land O Lakes, FL you missed a really Fun Sexy crowd...

Theme attire is Toga outfits ladies and gentlemens. Get those sheets out and start cutting them to make it the best toga outfit you have. Or visit one of our affiliate sites and purchase a hot new outfit from them. 
WE are sure you will make it look awesome.

Men please we hope yo uwill take part in the themes as well.

As always ladies and gentlemen.
We are daring you to take it to your limit in what you want to wear.

The fun starts at our Happy Hour party on Friday with special on drinks & H'orederves and then we end up in the night club for dancing and more. Friday night at the club is for those that want to come in early to get set for the weekend. Join us.

Saturday Day starts right after breakfast so get your spot at the pool. We are there by 11am and ready for some fun in the sun.
People it will be hot and the pool will be packed with hotties, so you should be ready to Party all day at the pool with us.

Dj or band depending on the weekend will start playing or performing from 1 to 5 pm..

Saturday's Happy hour starts at 5pm and goes to 7pm in the Sports Bar.
Special on drinks & H'orederves.

Pre party will be at our villa starts at 8pm.
Contact us for info on location please.

Door men at the resort know the location of the pre and after parties. They will shuttle you to and from the parties.

Pre party is always a BYOB party so bring whatever you want to drink. We always supply Mixers, ice and cups.

Saturday Nights Main Event starts at 9pm and goes to 1am 
Toga Party is hosted in the Night Club at Caliente.

Silver Cpls After Party starts at 1 am and goes to 4 am at one of Caliente's beautiful houses. The resort will shuttle you to and from the parties.
The after parties are for those that like to explore their wild side.
So that entails whatever you want it to be.
Please remember the after party is for those that are looking to play.

How you play is up to you... NO OBLIGATIONS to play with others!

Sunday we will be unwinding at the pool with a bloodymary just relaxing from a fun and Exhausting weekend at Caliente.

Call Cali NOW to reserve your spot for these one of kind weekends you do not want to Miss!

Caliente Resorts
21240 Gran Via Blvd
Land O Lakes, FL 34637-3287, US
813.996.3700 or toll free 800.326.7731
For directions to Caliente Resort please visit their site!

March 26th 2016 promotional code is "June 25: SCJU16 (RK10) (RK10) off your hotel rooms or Villas at Caliente for this party!

Remember we encourage you to dress in theme!
**Dressing in theme is not a requirement to attend**
Men, Dress to impress and yes JEANS are ALLOWED!

"TWO MONTHS FREE on swingers date club for Joining NOW! and once on there contact us we will give you another 2 Months."

Contact us by email; or text at 561 543 7457 and we will let you know where we all are.
When texting or emailing please enclose a picture of yourselves so we know who we are talking to.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there,
Silver Cpls administration..