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Aahz's and VI Pete's XXX Crhistmas Party in Sanford Fl

VI Pete's & Aahz Party present its
Santa's Naughty Playland SEXXX Mas Party
Sat, Dec 7 2013 Location of the party is in Sanford but to get the full address you must pre purchase your VI Pete's Membership and you can get it at

Get your online VI Pete's membership NOW at
he location of the venue is supplied to once you purchase your membership.. Sorry no walks up allowed and no cash at the door. Purchase your membership to get the address..

Merry Christmas to all, Its that time of year again where your asking yourself, Have you been naughty or nice. Well stop wondering and come be naughty for a night at Santa's Naughty Playland xXx-Mas Party. This party is all about who is going to be as naughty as possible and doesn't want to be nice. Ladies its time for you to push all those buttons to get what you want from those who you want it from. SEX that is....

We request that the attire for this Naughty Christmas Party is to wear as little as possible. Body Paints, lingerie and most important see through. SEXY as Hell. Anything BUT everyday normal clothes..

Being naked it allowed at this party as well is sex. This is not a requirement to attend these parties!

Theme for the parties are all the same...
The sluttier the better or as little as possible.
Men, Please dress to impress.

Most Couples and Singles are in the lifestyle for sex, fantasy as well as friendship. The most important ingredient for successful interactions is there must be people you find attractive and sexy that you want to party and sleep with. Well this is the party you are looking for. People that take care of themselves and are sexy as hell and looking for others like themselves!

Bringing a bottle of liquor is a requirement and it has to be a call BRAND liquor and above.
No well brands allowed. Bartenders will be supplied as welll as mixers and water.
YOur bottle will be shared with all as will theirs.
If you’re a red bull drinker or any kind of energy drink person or speciality mixers you will need to bring your own (these you do not have to share).

VI Pete's is a night club atmosphere set up with Stripper Poles, Dancing Cages, VIP beds as well as a lounge and play rooms. No sex in the night club side.

VI Pete's is where you can cum a little or a lot.

If you wait to book your room the week of the price for the hotel will not be the same. Due to availability! Hotel info visit

Party Location info:
Must have an Online VI Pete's membership to to attend these private events!  Yes there is SEX Allowed here.
The address will supplied to you in your confirmation email once you purchase your online membership! 
The Christmas party is Complimentry.

Membership Fee's:
$50.00 Per Couple per month (non recurring)
$25 Per Single Female per month.

Remember it is A BYOB COMMUNITY PARTY!!!

Any problems or questions please text or call us 561-543-7457

We hope you will join us and the other sexies that will be attending..
Amber & Peter